Digital forensics
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Our services are the key to a high level of security.

Economic espionage, sabotage and large-scale malware campaigns: not only large corporations but also highly innovative medium-sized German enterprises are affected by complex cyber attacks on a daily basis. Companies often lack the resources for special areas of IT security and are therefore unable to handle cyber attacks correctly.

The first challenge is to identify a cyber attack. Increasingly sophisticated attacks often remain undiscovered even by modern security solutions.

We quickly and reliably detect hackers.

Compromise Assessment closes this gap. With our experienced specialists and range of tools, we almost achieve the level of coverage of a forensic analysis across your entire infrastructure. This enables us to continuously make reliable statements regarding your current level of security.

In an emergency, digital forensics & incident response perform the crucial activities for resolving a security incident. Appropriate countermeasures and prompt actions are the most critical factors for controlling monetary and reputational damage.

Keep calm and trust the experts.

SECUINFRA specializes in supporting companies with detection (compromise assessment), analysis (digital forensics) and handling (incident response) of highly complex security incidents.

Choose our services and benefit from quick identification and resolution of even the most complex security incidents.


secuinfra cyber defense as a service modular


Choose your service level, response time and service availability. We have the ideal solution for all requirements.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service flexible


We offer you the maximum level of flexibility in order to adapt our services to your circumstances. This includes adapting to your processes and policies, for example.

secuinfra defend privacy

Data protection

We provide our services in compliance with GDPR and respect your internal policies and requirements.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service local partner

Holistic advice

We support you throughout the entire workflow. This includes analysis, development of resolution strategies and optimization of existing processes.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service long term experience


To detect the hackers’ sophisticated methods, you have to understand how they work. Our certified forensic experts analyze various attacks on a daily basis. Their years of practical experience are supplemented with regular training and education, making them true experts in their field.

secuinfra defend incident handling


Our teams of specialists from the SIEM, SOC and forensics areas cooperate closely. Benefit from a fast response time to new threats and attack methods as well as constant knowledge sharing between our teams.

Compromise Assessment

Unique attack detection.

Virus scanners and firewalls are classic security solutions and an important basis for achieving a high level of security. Using previously unknown or modified malware and distributed through phishing emails is only one example of easy ways to bypass such solutions.

Identifying targeted and highly complex attacks requires use of additional measures within a company’s IT security strategy.

Benefit from our innovative COMPASS service.

We use our many years’ experience of identifying, analyzing and defending against cyber attacks on the infrastructures of many large and medium-sized enterprises as the basis for developing our unique Service Compromise Assessment (COMPASS).

We use COMPASS for targeted and tool-supported identification of any traces of cyber attacks, thereby closing any gaps in the detection of attacks. The efficacy of this method far exceeds the options offered by classic solutions and achieves coverage close to that of a forensic analysis.

Our experienced forensic experts analyze all potential findings and, if necessary, develop suitable recommended actions tailored to your individual infrastructure.

Each scan can thus reduce several million findings to a few relevant ones which we investigate further with your cooperation.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We are at your side when you experience a security incident.

Our range of services in the digital forensics area includes reconstructing the course of events by backup, analysis and evaluation of digital evidence from individual systems.

You choose the service level that is right for your requirements: Standard, Extended or Premium.

Service desk
Our cyber defense experts are your first point of contact in the event of a security incident. Our forensic experts will record all relevant parameters of the security incident over the phone and recommend initial actions to take.

On-site deployment
Within the agreed service period, one of our forensics experts will contact you to coordinate all details regarding the deployment.

As a result, you will receive a detailed report including all recommended actions tailored to your infrastructure.

Detecting and analyzing cyber attacks are part of our core business.

In addition to performing a purely forensic analysis, we help you with the entire process for handling security incidents (incident response). This includes the following services in particular:

  • Inspection, assessment and optimization of internal processes, tools and documents.
  • Assistance in handling and resolving serious security incidents.

Choose a forensics frame agreement that suits your needs.

Service Desk availability
Immediate assistance over the phone and, if appropriate, remote support
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9 am – 7 pm *
365 days a year
Qualified feedback
Feedback from our forensic specialists in the service period
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Start of on-site deployment
Start of on-site deployment after requesting the service
60 hrs 60 hrs 48 hrs
On-site analysis 48 hrs
Start on-site analysis within 48 hrs
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On-site analysis 24 hrs
Start on-site analysis within 24 hrs
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Quick report
Initial status report after analysis begins
usually 2 working days usually 2 working days usually 2 working days

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