SIEM is much more than just a product!
Comprehensive SIEM consulting.

SIEM overview

Have you bought an SIEM product and are not getting the results you were hoping for? We can help you. Drawing on our years of experience in the field, we will get the best out of your SIEM.





To operate an SIEM, various roles with different skills are required. Using our modular cyber defense service approach, you decide which competences you have or want to develop in-house and which services you want to purchase from us. Together, we ensure you have a first-class SIEM operation which delivers results.

secuinfra siem lifecycle

Are you planning to introduce an SIEM? Before you buy an SIEM product, you should at least consider the following topics: SIEM use cases, event sources, audit log policies, EPS, GB/day, retention, SIEM roles, SIEM operating models and SIEM processes. If you need support with this, SECUINFRA is the right partner.


When introducing an SIEM, it is not just a matter of installing and connecting a few event sources. If you want to achieve a smooth SIEM introduction and gain added value from your SIEM product after a short amount of time, then speak to us. Our experiences from numerous SIEM projects will help you avoid any mistakes.


secuinfra cyber defense as a service modular


Our entire cyber defense service portfolio has a modular structure, meaning it is very flexible and can be adapted for virtually any customer requirement. Depending on your needs, you can engage us to perform individual or multiple roles.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service flexible


We are flexible and can adapt our cyber defense service completely to your needs and processes. If you want, we will also help you optimize your incident response processes.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service hybrid


Our cyber defense service portfolio is designed as a hybrid. Together, we decide which services should be performed on your premises and which should be performed remotely from our Cyber Defense Center in Germany.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service datenschutz

Data protection

Your event log data remains with you at all times and never leaves your company. Your event log data is accessed exclusively from Germany. You have complete control and a full overview of your data at all times.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service local partner

Local Partner

SECUINFRA is an owner-operated company based in Germany. We are your local partner in matters of cyber defense. We are subject to German jurisdiction and comply with German data protection laws.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service long term experience

Many years of experience

Our knowledge comes from practice and is based on many years of experience in operating our own Cyber Defense Center as well as setting up and operating numerous SOC, CERT and cyber defense centers of notable customers.

secuinfra cyber defense as a service long incident handling

Incident handling

We do not leave you alone with your SIEM alerts. We support you with detailed analyses and assessments of recognized indicators of compromise (IOC) and make recommendations of countermeasures you can take. With network forensics, endpoint forensics and malware analysis, we help to get a clear picture of the whole incident.

Planning SIEM

When introducing an SIEM, there are many points to consider. Drawing on our experiences in recent years of setting up and operating SIEMs, we offer a two-day SIEM workshop. During the workshop, all points related to SIEM are discussed in detail. After the SIEM workshop, you will have a clear picture of what needs to be considered when introducing and operating an SIEM.



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SIEM is far more than a product. The introduction should be very well planned in order to avoid false expectations or spiraling costs later on.


Due to our many years of experience, we are able to give you the best possible advice in the field of SIEM. We address your requirements and expectations and help you develop an SIEM concept which forms the basis for the introduction and operation of your SIEM.


Before introducing an SIEM, all points regarding SIEM should be clarified and recorded in an SIEM concept. We create this SIEM concept together with you. You bring with you the expectations you have of your SIEM and we supplement this with our many years of experience in the field of SIEM. The SIEM concept serves as the basis for the introduction and subsequent operation of the SIEM. It is also perfect for use as an SIEM request for proposals.


Introducing SIEM

Introducing SIEM

Operating SIEM

From taking on individual roles to operating the whole SIEM, we adapt with flexibility to your requirements. All the while, your data stays with you.

When it comes to analysis, you can rely on the highly specialized knowledge of our cyber defense analysts. Our cyber defense analysts have completed numerous training courses and acquired many certifications, but, above all, they have many years’ experience of working in various security operations centers as well as in our own Cyber Defense Center.

When initiating countermeasures, we adapt to your processes. If desired, we can help you optimize your incident response processes.

We can also take care of just the operation of your SIEM (managed SIEM), the connection of new event sources or the development of use cases. This means you can dedicate all your resources to detecting, analyzing and defending yourself against cyber attacks.

However you want to operate your SIEM, speak to us. We will support you in the places where you need our expertise, and everything else stays with you in-house.

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