In the event of a security incident, do you start out by gathering all relevant information in order to assess the incident? And after a tedious analysis, do you have to report the results to various management levels more or less manually?

There’s a better way – and it’s more efficient, easier and, above all, faster.

With our SIEM use case framework, collecting all relevant information after a security alert takes just a mouse click and a few seconds. Why? Because your SIEM system has already done its job in the background and collected all relevant information.

  • With the second mouse click, you can then proceed with more in-depth forensic analysis if required.
  • With the third mouse click, you can eliminate the intruder from your infrastructure.
  • With the fourth mouse click, you can assess the incident and then resume working on other tasks. The reporting, which includes the evaluation and is tailored to the requirements of the various management levels, is then completed automatically.

After setting up our framework, you can install our various use-case bundles as plug-ins to help you identify potential security incidents.

In addition, we stand behind the claim that our cases return no false negatives and a maximum of one false positive per week. By closely analyzing the behavior of your IT system and tailoring our use cases to your infrastructure, we are able to meet this high standard.

Simple handling of security incidents, combined with the extremely low rate of false negatives, ensures that our customers stay in control of large and complex infrastructures.

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