Professional Cyber Defense Services


SIEM Consulting

More than 28,000 days of SIEM consulting since 2010. Place your trust in Europe’s leading SIEM experts from the outset.

SECUINFRA SIEM Consulting – expertise made in Germany!



Use Case Development

Professional SIEM use case development since 2010. Nobody develops SIEM use cases faster and more efficiently than SECUINFRA.

SECUINFRA SIEM Use Case Development – efficiency made in Germany!


Digital Forensics

Have I fallen victim to a targeted cyber attack? What did the attacker do? What can I improve on? SECUINFRA provides clarity by analyzing forensic artifacts in detail.

SECUINFRA Digital Forensics – perfectionism made in Germany!



Incident Response

Fast, professional help in an emergency. SECUINFRA cyber defense experts have been helping companies to defend themselves against cyber attacks for years.

SECUINFRA Incident Response – professionalism made in Germany!


Managed Cyber Defense Services


Co-Managed SIEM

Modular, flexible, hybrid: we adapt to your needs. Your data stays with you, the SIEM use cases are your property – no dependencies, no hidden costs.

SECUINFRA Co-Managed SIEM – transparency made in Germany!



Compromise Assessment

Prevent data leaks and operational failures. Reliably and efficiently identify compromised systems before serious damage occurs.

SECUINFRA Compromise Assessment – reliability made in Germany!


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