Cyber Defense Solutions

Made in German by SECUINFRA

Cyber Defense Solutions​

Our Cyber Defense Solutions offer advanced technologies and strategies to protect companies against the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.


Security Information and Event Management

SIEM is more than just a product. SECUINFRA provides you with comprehensive support, from initial SIEM consulting to SIEM operational support.

SIEM with added value – through SECUINFRA.


Security Orchestration Automation and Response

SOAR automates the analysis and response process following a security alarm. We sustainably improve your security process and strengthen the reproducibility and quality of the analysis work.


Network Detection & Response

NDR makes threats visible and enables targeted and rapid defense against identified threats. In combination with other security solutions such as XDR & SIEM, NDR unfolds its full strength and makes a significant contribution to security in the company.

APT Scanner

Advanced Persistent Threat Scanner

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Scanner, the most reliable and efficient technology for detecting compromised IT systems. Discover compromised IT systems before major damage occurs.

Damage minimization at a low price – with SECUINFRA.


Centralized log management

Bring order to your log data. Ensure that you can efficiently get to the bottom of irregularities and faults in your IT.

Transparency instead of chaos – with SECUINFRA.

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