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Kuenstliche Intelligenz Abwehr Cyberangriffe
Artificial intelligence is a much-discussed topic. It offers great opportunities, but obviously also harbors risks. And it also has two faces when it comes to IT security.
There are some beliefs, half-truths and myths - and not just in IT - that persist for an astonishingly long time. If they affect the security of a company, it becomes dangerous.
Cyber attacks often lead to unauthorized access to personal or confidential data. If the data is stolen from the organizational network in the process, it is referred to as a data leak or data exfiltration. The motives for data theft are diverse and range from industrial espionage and blackmail to resale or identity theft. Recently, there has also been a…
Edge infrastructure, such as internet-exposed firewalls, routers, VPN-Gateways etc. are a common initial access target for cybercrime and espionage actors since these appliances are challenging to defend. According to the vulnerability discovery service LeakIx as many as 30 thousand internet-exposed Cisco devices may already have been compromised...
In this article, our author shows how Compromise Assessment can meaningfully extend traditional IT security tools to help organizations achieve robust cyber resilience.
What benefits do SOAR solutions actually offer in concrete terms, and what do companies achieve with them? We provide answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions about SOAR!
Learn in this article how you can realize effective, sustainable and reliable threat detection through the interaction of NDR, EDR and SIEM.
Today many businesses rely on virtualization technology to run and scale their infrastructure. One of the most popular Hypervisor systems on the market is VMware ESXi, which is regularly targeted in Ransomware attacks for the last 3+ years to increase damage to the victims IT systems.
In order to minimize monetary and reputational damage in the event of a successful IT security attack, immediate and correct response measures, a comprehensive overview of the extent of the cyber attack, and a full clarification of the incident are indispensable.
Due to recent events, the SECUINFRA Falcon Team strongly recommends updating the firmware of VPN/remote access solutions from the manufacturers SonicWall, Fortinet and Citrix.
Many KRITIS companies face the challenge of meeting the requirements of the IT Security Act 2.0.
Fully or co-managed detection & response service - in this article you can find out how these two approaches differ and when which service makes sense for your company.
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