Managed SIEM and Co-Managed SIEM experts

The SECUINFRA SIEM Experts Team is specialized in the areas of “Managed SIEM” and “Co-Managed SIEM”.

The team not only performs the classic operational SOC activities such as analyzing and evaluating SIEM alerts or threat hunting, but also designs, implements and operates the SIEM environments. This includes SIEM system maintenance, use case development and enhancement including creation and maintenance of audit log policies and runbooks as well as monitoring of log source connectivity.

As a further added value for our customers, our SIEM experts not only forward detected security incidents, but also support the incident response activities with detailed analysis information and instructions for action.

Learn in this article how you can realize effective, sustainable and reliable threat detection through the interaction of NDR, EDR and SIEM.
Fully or co-managed detection & response service - in this article you can find out how these two approaches differ and when which service makes sense for your company.
In contrast to SIEM, log management plays a rather subordinate role in the IT security context. This is not entirely justified, because it offers many advantages that are otherwise associated with the topic of SIEM.
EDR, XDR or MDR are currently considered relevant security responses to current and future threats.
What exactly does Security-as-a-Service mean and which IT security services can actually be outsourced?
Endpoint Detection and Response solutions provide more comprehensive defenses than conventional antivirus software and can detect fileless attacks launched through legitimate Windows programs.
A Co-Managed SIEM approach is suitable for companies that do not want to outsource all SIEM services, but only selected ones.
What is important when developing use cases? Our SIEM Experts team answers the 5 most frequently asked questions on this topic.  
In the course of SIEM implementations, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to answer the question of which attack scenarios should be detected by the SIEM system and how these attack scenarios should be prioritized.
A SIEM makes the work of IT security specialists more effective and increases the IT security level of companies decisively - if some relevant aspects are considered before the SIEM implementation.
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