Cyber Defense.Made in Germany.

Our purpose:
To detect, analyze and defend against cyber attacks.

detect, analyse, defend cyber attacks

SECUINFRA helps companies to detect, analyze and defend themselves against cyber attacks. Setting up and operating security operations centers (SOC) and cyber defense centers (CDC) is our core competence.

Do you plan to detect and defend yourself against attacks on your company early, in order to avoid devastating damage? Then get in contact with us. We take on this task for you from our Cyber Defense Center based in Germany. Our service has a modular structure. We support you in the places where you need us.

If you are planning on setting up your own SOC/CDC, we can also support you in this with our many years of experience.







For detecting cyber attacks, we primarily rely on Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). Only through SIEM are we able to bring together security-related events from the widest range of sources in order to analyze them automatically – and almost in real time – according to indicators of compromise (IOC).

If you want to introduce an SIEM or you want to use your SIEM to detect actual attacks rather than a flood of alerts, then contact us.

And remember, SIEM is much more than just a product!

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To be able to get a better idea of the origin of an attack, of how it got into the company and of any possible damage, the question quickly arose as to whether there are any further analysis possibilities beyond the analysis of logfiles.

For several years, we have therefore been intensely involved in the forensic analysis of cyber attacks.

If you have been the victim of a cyber attack and need to forensically secure and analyze the traces, then contact us.




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You know the situation: you operate an SIEM and are flooded with alerts. You are mainly occupied with the administration of your SIEM and hardly have the resources to define use cases or to analyze alerts in detail.

We can help you change that. We will discuss with you what resources are needed for operating your SIEM, what tasks you want to keep in-house and where we can support you either on site or remotely from our Cyber Defense Center in Germany.

With our cyber defense service, you get the most out of your SIEM. It will soon become an integral component of your cyber defense strategy.