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Our contributions to a better world

SECUINFRA is an owner-managed company based in Germany. We thus fulfill our social responsibility in our immediate living environment in Germany. We are proud to have been able to make our contribution to a better world for years. For the most part, we are involved in charitable organizations, associations, and educational and youth development projects. Our assistance is not one-time, but aims at long-term partnerships.

Straßenkinder e. V.

The kids we serve are no less talented than those from better neighborhoods. But her starting block into life is 30 meters further back. They have to get out of the curve first.

Straßenkinder e. V. has been active in Berlin for 20 years and cares for street children and children affected by child and educational poverty. With three working areas, the association reaches up to 200 children, adolescents and young people in Berlin every day.
In street social work, he helps young people living on the street to find their way back into society, supported by the drop-in and counseling centers and by providing care in emergencies. With the BOLLE children’s and youth center in Berlin-Marzahn, he works preventively against child and educational poverty with a variety of leisure and educational activities. The third area of work deals with the integration of refugee children and young people.
A project with heart, which we as a company gladly support. We would like to thank the entire team of Straßenkinder e.V. for their tireless efforts for the benefit of the kids.
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I am convinced that every child deserves a second, third and even a fourth chance and that is why we are here!

A heartfelt thank you to SECUINFRA for its many years of support, which makes exactly that possible: to give children opportunities and thus also a better future.

Eckhard Baumann, Chairman of Straßenkinder e.V.

Eckhard Baumann, Chairman of Straßenkinder e.V.

Rüdersdorfer Rowing Club Kalkberge e. V.

Winning medals is good. Races are better. But loving the sport is the best!

SECUINFRA has been the main sponsor of the national rowing league eight of the traditional Rüdersdorfer Ruderverein Kalkberge e. V. since 2014. In its more than one hundred years of history, the club has itself produced world champions and Olympic champions, in particular through its sustainable promotion of youth. The “SECUINFRA-Achter Rüdersdorf” was also able to achieve many successes in the German Rowing League in recent years. Since 2019, we have also been supporting the children’s and youth area of the association. Here the foundation is laid for the training in the boat. We appreciate the high personal commitment of all members of the association and are pleased to be a regular guest of the association as a company. For us it is clear that we are very happy to support here.
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With SECUINFRA, we have a reliable partner that has significantly supported our work as a rowing club with monthly grants since 2014.

This enables us to inspire children and young people to take up sport, to promote talent and to integrate people with physical or mental handicaps into club life.

Uwe Gross, Chairman RRVK

Uwe Gross, Chairman RRVK

NAJU Brandenburg

Nature calls –
we are the answer!

NAJU (Naturschutzjugend im NABU) is the independent, non-profit youth organization of NABU and Germany’s largest children’s and youth association in nature conservation and environmental protection. In NAJU Brandenburg, children, adolescents and young adults are committed to the protection of nature and the environment. In the local groups, they are primarily active in practical nature conservation: planting trees, building toad trap fences, tending orchard meadows, and protecting birds and bats. There is also time, of course, for a mud fight or two when creating ponds. For the sake of nature, we accompany and support NAJU in its work, because there is still a long way to go, and it is worth it!
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The Naturschutzjugend Brandenburg, or NAJU for short, brings children and young people closer to nature and the environment. With heart, head and hand.

In our efforts to protect the climate and nature, the monthly support from SECUINFRA helps us a lot. For this we would like to say thank you. After all, many projects cannot be implemented entirely without financial resources.

Sarah Diering, NAJU Board Member

Sarah Diering, NAJU Board Member

brotZeit e.V.

No child in Germany should go hungry!

No child in Germany should go hungry! This is the declared aim of brotZeit. No successful start to the day without breakfast, no good grades without success. No chance of education without good grades. That’s why there is brotZeit. For children. Against hunger! When a child is hungry, it needs something to eat. It’s as simple as that. Actually. But for many parents, caring for their children is a major challenge for a variety of reasons. Socially or economically difficult family circumstances, stressful shift work or being overburdened with parenting – there are many reasons for this.

Before school starts, 350 primary and special schools in Germany currently offer a free school breakfast. For children. For more educational equality. Dedicated senior citizens accompany the children as breakfast helpers, wait for their protégés with a hearty meal in the morning and are understanding contacts.

We are delighted to be able to make a contribution to this great initiative! In particular, we have been supporting the Bücherwurm elementary school in Berlin since 2023. Breakfast + attention = learning success!

As the board of brotZeit e.V., we would like to thank SECUINFRA for its commitment.

Only if many people support our association and our cause can we help many children and ensure equal opportunities.

Margarethe Schlemmer, Management Board

Margarethe Schlemmer, Management Board

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