Straßenkinder e.V.: SECUINFRA supports projects with heart

For more than 2 years, our company has been actively supporting the association Straßenkinder e.V. from Berlin. Through our monthly donations, we contribute to the long-term existence and expansion of various projects of the association.

Straßenkinder e.V. has been active in Berlin for 20 years and cares for street children and children affected by child and educational poverty. With ambitious projects, socially disadvantaged children, adolescents and young people in Berlin are reached on a daily basis.

Below is an overview of the association’s most important projects, which we help support:

  • Street social work: Berlin as a growing, vibrant and creative city also remains a place where social injustice is growing. Thus, Berlin continues to be a social hotspot as well, as there are several hundred street children here, depending on the season. The association helps young people living on the streets to find their way back into society, supporting them through its drop-in and counseling centers and by providing emergency care.
  • BOLLE children’s and youth center in Berlin-Marzahn: Here, the association works to prevent child and educational poverty by offering a wide range of leisure and educational activities. Every day, up to 150 children and young people are looked after through a coordinated range of leisure and educational activities, and preventive measures are taken to ensure that children do not end up on the streets in the first place.
  • Integration work: The third area of work deals with the integration of refugee children and young people. Families’ arrival in Germany is made easier; the association is available to them as a permanent contact and provides them with support and orientation. This is achieved, among other things, through offers at the shelters, through cooperation with schools and the “welcome classes” and through extracurricular support offers in shelters, language courses and counseling services.
  • Butze Street Children’s House: The youngest project of the association – and it goes ahead! With the BUTZE, a long-planned project is being implemented. The goal is to get young people “off the street” as quickly as possible. Through coordinated offers, they are to be helped to integrate into society in the long term, so that they can live their lives independently and self-financed. There is no comparable project in Germany to date. The building application has now been submitted. Construction is scheduled to begin in September of this year.

We are pleased that we as a company make a regular contribution to the successful implementation of these projects. We would like to thank the entire team of Straßenkinder e.V. for their tireless efforts!

More information about the projects of Strassenkinder e.V.

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