Nature needs us! 10-year tree sponsorship for every SECUINFRA employee

SECUINFRA continues to expand its commitment to the protection of climate, nature and the environment. With the adoption of 20 tree sponsorships, consisting of sponsor communities of 3-4 employees each, another sustainable project of the company has been implemented. The regionally based Langerwischer Obstgarten e.V. was chosen as the project partner.

After the entire team was presented with pear trees for their own garden or balcony last year, this year’s spring greeting from the management ties in with this idea: The 10-year sponsorship of a fruit tree was officially sealed for all employees with a personal certificate and the signage of the tree with the respective employee names.

During the planting, the management and some team members took the spade in hand to actively support Karsten Siems, chairman of the association.

About Langerwischer Obstgarten e.V.

The Langerwischer Obstgarten e.V  was founded in February 2015 and is committed to the preservation and replanting of fruit meadows and avenues around Langerwisch. Biodiversity is to be promoted through the association’s efforts, and environmental and living conditions in the region are to be improved.

The overarching goals of the association include in particular:

  • To plant new fruit meadows and to reactivate and maintain old fruit meadows & fruit avenues.
  • To impart knowledge about fruit growing (fruit tree pruning, grafting, care, variety).
  • To offer fruit tree projects for children together with kindergartens and schools.

The work of the association is supported by tree sponsorships.

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