SECUINFRA employees are now bee sponsors

The impact that humans have on bees today is so severe that they cannot survive without our help. Bees are dying off at drastic rates, and we cannot afford to ignore this under any circumstances.

In light of this, all SECUINFRA employees were given a sustainable gift for Easter. Since April 2021, every employee now reigns over their very own bee colony as a bee sponsor. Our bee sponsorships support the beekeepers at the Hirrle Bee Farm in producing honey using traditional, environmentally friendly methods in the Uckermark (Schorfheide Biosphere Reserve) region.

Each bee colony is marked with the name of the employee who sponsors it, and every bee sponsor is invited to pay their colony a visit. Along with the sponsorship, they also received a jar of honey from last year’s harvest.

As part of the gift, employees also received a seed mixture for bee-friendly flowers to help attract bees to their gardens, balconies and patios at home. Since flowers are a good source of food for many insects, including bees and bumblebees, this means every employee gets to do their part to help protect the bees.


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Thomas Bode • Autor

Marketing Manager

Thomas Bode is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. In addition to marketing-related tasks, Thomas is also responsible for SECUINFRA's social commitment.

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