NAJU & SECUINFRA are happy about realized nature conservation projects in 2022!

“Nature calls – we are the answer!” – For the sake of nature, we have been accompanying and supporting the Naturschutzjugend (NAJU) Brandenburg – the independent, non-profit youth organization of NABU – in its work for some time now. We are all the more pleased when we see the wide variety of projects, seminars, outreaches and events for children and young people that are realized with a focus on climate, nature and environmental education.

Claudia Günther, youth education officer at NAJU, gave us exciting insights into her environmental education work during our summer team event in Berlin and reported on already realized and future youth projects.

The SECUINFRA team was particularly impressed by these projects:

Environmental education competition “Experience Spring 2022”

Under this motto, NAJU Brandenburg lured children out into nature and had them look for animals and plants – the so-called messengers of spring. This year, the focus was on dandelions and the flora and fauna of fallow and ruderal areas.

Participatory activities throughout the year

  • Insect summer in June and August
  • School lesson of garden birds in May
  • School lesson on winter birds in January

NAJU active in schools: “Save the climate! No*one is too small to be part of it!”

The school project team offers the following topics:

  • Plastic waste in the sea
  • Biodiversity
  • Upcycling – old becomes different
  • Eat well now! – Sustainable nutrition – Climate gardening
  • Sustainable consumption

About the Nature Conservation Youth Brandenburg (NAJU)

NAJU Brandenburg is committed to the protection of nature and the environment. Children can spend exciting vacations in nature at summer camps, while a colorful range of seminars awaits teenagers and young adults. Of course, the NAJU is also active in practical nature conservation: trees are planted, toad catching fences are built, orchards are cared for, birds and bats are protected or ponds are created. At NAJU, everything revolves around nature – and not just theoretically, but with head, heart and hand.

The complete annual program is available here.

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