Simon Hanke

Cyber Defense Consultant

During his dual computer science studies with SECUINFRA, Simon specialized in the field of IT security at an early stage and steadily consolidated his interest in this field. In the various practical phases of his studies, he focused on the areas of network analysis and automation of security processes. In doing so, he was able to further expand and deepen his knowledge of tools and detection options for attacks. In various projects Simon applies his knowledge and strengthens the Cyber Defense at SECUINFRA’s customers.

Various tools are used to detect IT security incidents within an organization. The foundation for this is the combination of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Network Detection and Response (NDR) systems.
Cyber attacks often lead to unauthorized access to personal or confidential data. If the data is stolen from the organizational network in the process, it is referred to as a data leak or data exfiltration. The motives for data theft are diverse and range from industrial espionage and blackmail to resale or identity theft. Recently, there has also been a…
What benefits do SOAR solutions actually offer in concrete terms, and what do companies achieve with them? We provide answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions about SOAR!
SOAR helps security analysts to focus on the important information and events and to avert potential IT security incidents in a targeted manner.
Monitoring the network infrastructure is an important addition to existing monitoring measures. It complements the information provided by a SIEM system.
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