Sven Nawrat

Cyber Defense Consultant

During his bachelor studies in computer science, Sven has already had various points of contact with IT security and has steadily strengthened his interest in this field.

He completed his internship and the subsequent bachelor thesis at SECUINFRA on the topic of behavior-based detection of attacks using artificial intelligence methods. In his further course, subsequently as a working student, he continued the work from his thesis as an internal research project. The resulting design and results formed the thematic background of his master thesis.

In addition, various project assignments in connection with the development of SIEM use cases provided him with insights and experience in rule-based methods for attack detection.

Artificial intelligence is a much-discussed topic. It offers great opportunities, but obviously also harbors risks. And it also has two faces when it comes to IT security.
The increasing complexity of development of new attack methods or variants of already known ones pose challenges for signature-based detection methods. Additional approaches are needed that are capable of supporting such a system where signatures and rules can no longer be used effectively.
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