Become a cyber defense expert with SECUINFRA

Sven Nawrat, a student at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, has been a member of our team since April 2019 – and he has completed more than just his mandatory internship during his time with us. At the beginning of October, he finished his bachelor’s thesis on “Applying artificial neural networks for intrusion detection within a network environment”, receiving a top grade for his work. He also received a 1.0 – the best grade possible – for his final oral examination.

We are delighted that we were able to support him in his pursuit of the Bachelor of Science degree.
We will continue to support and advise him over the next two years as a part of our team while he completes his master’s degree and conducts further research on “The use of AI technology for the purpose of detecting attacks” within the scope of his studies.
SECUINFRA is confronting the shortage of skilled workers in two ways. Firstly, we promote our students on their way to becoming sought after cyber defense experts. Secondly, we are supporting our master student in his research on a modern technology which, in the future, will be able to assist with the detection of cyber attacks.