SECUINFRA looks back on a successful year

We look back on a busy and successful business year for 2017. At mid-year we raised our share capital to 100,000 Euros and completed the transition to a GmbH.
Meanwhile, over 20 employees are now working at SECUINFRA, contributing to our success. We have reorganized our internal structure to meet the growing needs and distribute responsibilities according to each service. This is the cornerstone for further growth in the coming years.

Our Kick-Off for the coming new year will take place early January on the Red Sea. After a review of the past year, we will start working on our goals and opportunities for 2018. Our customers have confirmed for us that we provide good services and are a reliable partner for their IT security needs. Accordingly, in 2018 we will expand our services and enlarge our teams.
We wish all of our customers, partners, and colleagues a healthy and successful New Year.