SECUINFRA stages Hacking Night

Last week, SECUINFRA once again staged a Hacking Night – its first in a while. Our security experts set themselves the challenge of hacking into a simulated system at three different levels via the Hack the Box platform.
Working in teams, the colleagues fine-tuned their pen test abilities and discussed various strategies. Between the pizza, the cold drinks and the tricky task, a lot of fun was had. By the end, everyone had succeeded in cracking the conundrum – or rather, hacking the box.
Understanding how hackers think and act is essential for successfully counteracting them. In order to support companies in detecting attacks by hackers and criminals, we need to ensure that our skills and knowledge stay up to date. That’s why our consultants don’t just expand their knowledge at training courses and during their daily work with our clients, but also by taking part in our Hacking Nights. The next one is scheduled for the beginning of August.