European Cloud Summit 2024: New era in cloud and AI

We’re back from the European Cloud Summit 2024 in Wiesbaden and it’s hard to miss how impressive the event was. As the largest European conference focusing on Microsoft Azure, OpenAI and cloud computing, the Summit has proven to be an indispensable platform for professionals from all over Europe. With over 1,200 participants, the summit offered an exceptional opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

This year’s Summit showed a particularly innovative side, with Microsoft as the main partner and at the center of the discussions. Highlights included keynotes on Microsoft Copilot and other AI innovations, which provided in-depth insights into the latest technologies and best practices in cloud infrastructure and security.

A special focus was on the “CloudStartup Stage”, which presented the most innovative startups in the Microsoft Azure and OpenAI ecosystem. This stage not only offered the opportunity to learn directly from the developers, but also to make valuable contacts with leading experts in the industry. The discussions and presentations there were not only inspiring, but also pointed the way for future developments in the field of cloud technologies.

The networking opportunities at the Summit were outstanding. The opportunity to exchange ideas with Microsoft executives and industry leaders has opened many doors for future cooperation and innovation. The exchange with so many talented professionals not only provided a platform for professional exchange, but also fostered a community based on common interests and goals.

We are already looking forward to the next European Cloud Summit. This year’s impressions and experiences have shown us how dynamic and innovative the cloud computing industry is, and we look forward to driving these innovations forward and being part of these exciting developments.

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