SECUINFRA – active partner at the NIS-2 Congress 2024 in Stuttgart

NIS-2-Congress Partner

The NIS-2 Congress on 10. and July 11, 2024 in Stuttgart promises to be a groundbreaking event for cybersecurity industry professionals. It addresses the challenges and opportunities arising from the new NIS 2 Directive and presents a comprehensive program to help companies prepare for the upcoming regulatory changes.

We are looking forward to offering you exciting days with 52 sessions in 11 tracks, highly interesting keynotes and panels, over 350 participants and more than 20 exhibitors as well as the exclusive NIS-2-Congress-Night on 10.07.2024, and much more. to present.

One of many highlights – Ramon Weil, Founder & CEO of SECUINFRA GmbH will moderate Track 4.A “Measures for attack detection – What really helps?”. Together with some top-class experts, we will take an in-depth look at attack detection and defense and discuss how AI-supported technologies and strategic approaches can help to better protect digital assets.

David Bischoff, Principal Cyber Defense Consultant at SECUINFRA, will open the event with an overview of current technologies and services for efficient attack detection. This presentation aims to provide a basic understanding of the tools available and how to implement them into an organization’s security architecture .

Markus Klose, Senior Manager Solution Architecture at Elastic, and Simon Hanke, Cyber Defense Consultant at SECUINFRA, will then jointly discuss the synergies of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). They emphasize how this combination contributes to the fast, open and scalable detection of cyber attacks.

Dr. Tim Sattler, CISO at Jungheinrich AG and President of ISACA Germany, will then present the advantages of Threat Informed Defense. His presentation will focus on how a threat-based approach can help organizations make their defense strategies more effective.

Richard Wieneke from Corelight, Inc. discusses how artificial intelligence can accelerate attack detection and defense in the network, which is particularly important for companies striving for faster response times to security incidents.

Bernd Vellguth and Michael Norden, both leading figures at Microsoft, will also shed light on the specific NIS-2 requirements and how Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Controls address them. Her presentation promises deep insights into the integration of compliance into the cybersecurity strategies of large companies.

Track 4.A will conclude with a panel discussion chaired by Ramon Weil. Topics relating to prevention and attack detection will be discussed at this expert talk.

The entire event offers numerous opportunities to learn from leading cybersecurity experts and to exchange information and ideas about the latest trends and technologies.
Take advantage of this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you!

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