SECUINFRA supports Straßenkinder e.V.: Commitment to social change

We have been actively supporting Straßenkinder e.V . for four years. By making monthly contributions and supporting specific projects, our company demonstrates its long-term commitment to social responsibility. The partnership reflects our commitment to acting responsibly and supporting direct, positive change in the community. This is an essential part of our company philosophy, because we believe that true success should also promote the well-being of others.

Fair play heroes: More than just a game

One of the most prominent current projects is “Fair Play Heroes”, a program specifically aimed at teaching children the importance of fairness and respect in everyday interactions – especially when playing. The project arose from the need to promote child-friendly reactions to defeat and conflict. “Playing heroically in a different way, because not only winning is heroic” is the motto that helps the children to learn self-awareness and awareness of others, acceptance and respect. Basic fair play rules such as mutual support and the respectful handling of emotions are developed together and implemented in everyday life.

One example of the success of this approach is Yunis, a young soccer enthusiast who has learned to support and praise his teammates even in the heat of the moment. His progress and the positive changes in his social behavior are examples of the effectiveness of the project.

Summer activities and excursions: New horizons for street children

Straßenkinder e.V. traditionally uses the summer months to offer the children special experiences. Whether swimming trips, bike tours or scavenger hunts, each of these adventures not only offers the children fun, but also the chance to surpass themselves and gain new experiences. “Many of our children are experiencing such activities for the first time. These experiences are unforgettable and formative,” reports an employee of the association.

Construction of the BUTZE street children’s home

Another important project is the construction of the BUTZE street children’s home, which will serve as a drop-in center and safe haven for children in need. You can follow the details and progress of the construction project here.

SECUINFRA GmbH remains a key partner of Straßenkinder e.V. and shows how companies can contribute to improving the community through social commitment. This partnership is an example of how business can take on social responsibility and have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

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