SECUINFRA supports the financial security of its employees

With a subsidy for the company pension scheme, we support our employees in their financial security in old age.

More and more people fear that they will not be able to maintain their accustomed standard of living in old age. Therefore, it is all the more important for working people today to make additional provisions for old age. For us, this is another way of actively participating in pension provision and supporting our employees with attractive offers.

Since January 2021, all permanent employees have been able to convert part of their salary into a company pension plan (bAV) and receive a subsidy from SECUINFRA on the converted salary portion.

The subsidy is independent of the employee’s own share and working hours. This means that even if no own share is paid into the company pension scheme or if the employee only works part-time, SECUINRA will still grant the respective subsidy.

For example, the staggered allowance is already at least € 284 for each employee if he or she has been with the company for more than 3 years, and even up to € 568 per month at higher career levels.

With the company pension scheme, our employees are thus continuously building up retirement capital.