Incident Response

Why do I need Incident Response?

Incident response is a cornerstone of modern companies’ cybersecurity activities.

    • Upgrade your defenses!

It takes a great deal of time and resources to set up your own incident response team.

    • SECUINFRA has an effective and professional team that is ready to support you.

Incident response covers the entire incident investigation and resolution cycle.

  • You keep track of everything.

With our Incident Response service, you can respond promptly to incidents and limit damage.

  • Protect yourself against sensitive data loss and reputational damage that might even put you out of business.



Our incident responders have built up a wealth of expertise over the years thanks to relevant training and certifications, plus (most importantly) regular incident response missions.


SECUINFRA has one of Europe’s most effective teams of incident response experts. Framework agreements guarantee that our incident response experts are available to help with your problems at all times.


Incident response is one of SECUINFRA’s core competences. Over the years, we’ve continued to perfect our methods, processes and tools so we can offer you a professional service at all times.


We conduct onboarding with all of our incident response clients to prepare them for an emergency. This ensures that they keep their nerve and make the right moves if such a situation arises.

Incident Response – seven-stage plan


You’ll be perfectly prepared for future security incidents with our targeted incident response workshops.


We help you quickly identify traces left behind that may indicate a successful attack.

Compromise Assessment


Using our many years of experience, we analyze your affected systems to find traces left behind by attacks. We can use your own infrastructure as additional tools for this. Assessing available logs with a focus on results is one of our core competences.


We help you to isolate the attackers to minimize the damage to your network.


We assist you in taking the right measures in a coordinated and targeted manner to extricate the attackers from your network. We also contain the potential danger and reduce the risk of the attackers returning.


We work with you to take the right steps that ensure you can continue working as quickly as possible, without interruption to your business.

Lessons learned

We prepare the course of events, show how you reacted and what possibilities there are for improvement. Where can you optimize your process? The optimal basis for your employees for the next attack.


More than 7,000 companies in Germany rely on SECUINFRA directly or through partners when it comes to digital forensics and incident response (DFIR).
Cutting Edge Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
Winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2022 & awarded as best Incident Response Service Company in Europe!
Since 2020, SECUINFRA has been one of Enterprise Security magazine’s top ten digital forensics consulting/services companies in Europe!

Incident Response references

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    The SECUINFRA DFIR teams have been supporting companies in the area of digital forensics and Iincident response (DFIR). day in, day out for years.More than 7,000 companies in Germany rely on SECUINFRA directly or through partners when it comes to digital forensics and incident response (DFIR).
    If you’re interested in our services, we’ll happily put you in touch with suitable reference clients.