A perfect day in, on and beside the water – the SECUINFRA summer team event in Rüdersdorf, Berlin

Our 2016 summer event was a celebration of watersports at the Rüdersdorfer Ruderverein Kalkberge (Rüdersdorf rowing association), which has been supported by SECUINFRA for more than two years. Together with family members, we enjoyed a perfect day in, on and beside the water and got a taster of a traditional sport you don’t experience every day.

At our team meeting on Friday, we discussed the current state of the company and plans for growth. As usual, there were also technical talks from our core fields of cyber defense and IT forensics.
In the evening, we all had dinner together along with family members, enjoying the best burgers in Berlin in the Mad Max atmosphere of White Trash.
To shed those extra few pounds from Friday evening, Saturday was all about watersports. We and our families took a retro bus ride to the Rüdersdorfer Ruderverein Kalkberge, which has been actively supported by SECUINFRA for more than two years.
After a quick introduction and a small challenge on the rowing machines, participants got out on the water for specialized instruction in the various types of boat. Those who didn’t want to get their feet wet could choose from a broad range of other activities – or simply rest in a deckchair and enjoy a perfect view of the Kalksee. We ended the evening by setting the world to rights around the bonfire.
We’d like to thank the Rüdersdorfer Ruderverein for a perfect day.
On Sunday, some colleagues took advantage of the opportunity to get a few whiffs of the proverbial Berlin air and to explore the city.

We are now looking for suitable locations and activities for our next team event in the middle of January 2017, so let us know your ideas…

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Thomas Bode is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. In addition to marketing-related tasks, Thomas is also responsible for SECUINFRA's social commitment.

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