A special experience – student internship at SECUINFRA

A special experience – student internship at SECUINFRA

From 07 to 18 June 2021, Anton, Arian and Henry completed their student internship with us. A diversified time, both for the three boys and for all employees involved.

Gone are the days when the compulsory internship for schoolchildren ends in boredom and making coffee. There are too many interesting jobs and subject areas for that. That’s what Anton, Arian and Henry from the Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Gymnasium in Berlin thought. After a Corona-related postponement of the internship from January to June 2021, the focus from day one was on getting to know the big world of cybersecurity. Perhaps this also set the first course for a later career choice?

The induction in the Berlin office began with an onboarding session, during which the necessary equipment was handed over and initial questions were clarified. Lectures and first tasks in the areas of finance, HR and marketing were the basis to understand SECUINFRA as a company. More intensive was the SIEM Consulting area over several days. David Bischoff, Senior Cyber Defense Consultant at SECUINFRA, gave insights into our core business and presented the 1×1 of SIEM Consulting.

Week 2 was no less varied, as we went to our office in Frankfurt/ Main. So that our interns also know what it’s like to be on a “business trip”, the overnight stays took place in the Scandic Hotel Frankfurt Museumsufer, of course with a panoramic view of the Frankfurt skyline. Within walking distance of the office, it was the perfect starting point for a week full of highlights. In addition to topics such as SIEM Use Case Development and Digital Forensics & Incident Response, there was also plenty of time to talk with employees. At the end of this eventful week, a cozy barbecue evening was held in our company apartment above the roofs of Frankfurt.

Finally, all three were allowed to report to all employees in the monthly Company Call on how they had fared during the two weeks. But what should not be missing after these eventful weeks, the internship report.

At this point, we would like to thank Anton, Arian & Henry for their interest in SECUINFRA and of course all employees involved for the training of our future cyber defense experts!