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SECUINFRA has focused on SIEM since 2010. Our 40+ permanently employed SIEM specialists have already helped countless clients in more than 120 successfully implemented SIEM projects.


We don’t just offer you an SIEM product. We accompany you throughout the entire SIEM lifecycle, from the initial SIEM concept through to long-term support for the operation of your SIEM solution due to our co-managed SIEM approach.


We are familiar with all popular SIEM products. We only ever recommend to you the SIEM products that we have found to give the best results in our more than 31,000 days of SIEM consulting since 2010.


With a team of 40+ permanently employed SIEM specialists, we have the most effective expert workforce in Europe and can professionally implement even large-scale SIEM projects.


Make the most of our globally unique end-to-end SIEM use cases. In addition to SIEM rules, you also get clear guides on data generation, run books for handling alerts and end-to-end test routines for each individual SIEM use case.

Planning SIEM


SIEM workshop

There are many points to consider when introducing SIEM. Drawing on our experience of introducing and operating SIEM solutions since 2010, we offer an SIEM workshop. All points related to SIEM are discussed in detail during it. After the SIEM workshop, you’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be considered when introducing and operating an SIEM solution.


SIEM consulting

SIEM is far more than a product. The introduction should be very well planned to avoid false expectations or spiraling costs later on.
Due to our experience gained from more than 31,000 days of SIEM consulting in over 120 SIEM projects, we can give you the best possible advice in the field of SIEM. We address your requirements and expectations and help you develop an SIEM concept that forms the foundation of how your SIEM solution is introduced and operated.


SIEM concept

Before introducing an SIEM solution, all points regarding SIEM should be clarified and recorded in an SIEM concept. We create this SIEM concept together with you. You bring with you the expectations you have of your SIEM solution, to which we add our many years of experience in the fields of SIEM consulting and operational support.
The SIEM concept is the basis for introducing and subsequently operating the SIEM solution. It’s also perfect for use as an SIEM request for proposal.


Request a workshop


Introducing SIEM


Introduce SIEM processes

Operating an SIEM solution requires a clear operating concept with coordinated processes. We help you implement the processes defined in the SIEM concept.

Introduce an SIEM operating concept

We help you implement the defined SIEM operating concept. On request, we can also manage individual operating roles for you.

SIEM training and knowledge transfer

SECUINFRA also supplements the implementation of your SIEM solution with extensive services that facilitate knowledge transfer. In addition to product training, our primary objective is to teach you how to use your SIEM solution for your specific tasks.


Introduce additional detection tools

Standard event sources aren’t adequate for identifying all relevant events, which is why we recommend using additional tools. We help you choose and implement them.

Connect event sources

An SIEM without events is like a sailboat without wind. We integrate all the necessary event sources into your SIEM solution. If they aren’t supported as standard, we develop the necessary connectors.

Audit log policies

Only recognized, logged events can be evaluated by an SIEM solution. We help you define the ideal audit log policies.

SIEM use cases

SIEM use cases enable you to identify relevant incidents within the volumes of data in your SIEM solution. When creating SIEM use cases, we draw on many years of experience and an extensive database of SIEM use cases.

Create SIEM content packages

SIEM use cases enable detection of relevant incidents. Our SIEM content packages provide a manageable overview of them and prepare them for further processing.

Interfaces to other tools

An SIEM solution should be at the core of your cyber defense strategy and offer numerous interfaces to other tools, such as ITSM, asset databases and vulnerability scanners. We help you integrate the SIEM solution into your IT management infrastructure.


Choose an SIEM product

In recent years, we’ve become familiar with the pros and cons of all of the leading SIEM products. We’ll gladly pass along what we’ve learned to you.

Determine the SIEM solution’s design

Based on the SIEM concept laid out during the planning phase, we design the ideal SIEM solution for you.

Implement an SIEM solution

Once the product has been selected and the design is complete, we implement the SIEM solution in your infrastructure.


Before buying an SIEM product, you should at least consider the following points: your SIEM objectives and overall conditions, SIEM use cases, event sources, audit log policies, EPS, GB/day, retention, SIEM roles, SIEM operating models, SIEM processes and works council involvement.

SECUINFRA is here to support you with all of these and other SIEM topics.

You bring with you your SIEM-related expectations and goals, to which we add our many years of experience in the fields of SIEM consulting and operational support.

Before introducing an SIEM solution, we clarify with you all points related to SIEM and set them out in an SIEM concept.

The SIEM concept is the basis for introducing and subsequently operating your SIEM solution. It’s also the perfect framework for an SIEM request for proposal.

Operating SIEM

Various roles with different skills are required to operate an SIEM solution. Using our hybrid, modular and flexible co-managed SIEM approach, you decide which competences you want to develop in-house and which services to purchase from us. Together, we ensure you end up with a first-class SIEM operation.

Our co-managed SIEM approach adapts flexibly to your needs.

However you want to operate your SIEM solution, speak to us. We offer you flexible support in the areas where you need our expertise, while everything else stays in-house with you.

Threat hunting

Threat hunting

• Log data analysis based on internal or external incidents
• Log data analysis based on newly discovered IOCs and detected attacks on other SECUINFRA clients
• Clear recommendations for the incident response team if and when security incidents occur


Level 1 analysis

• Initial analysis of SIEM alerts
• Elimination of false positives and duplicate notifications
• Escalation of relevant incidents to Level 2 analysis


Level 2 analysis

• Detailed analysis and assessment of relevant incidents
• Consultation with the users and staff affected to clearly assess relevant incidents
• Clear recommendations for the incident response team if and when security incidents occur


Incident response support

• Performance of compromise assessments for identifying compromised IT systems
• Performance of forensic analysis to clarify the course of events and secure evidence
• Incident response support for the fastest possible recovery of IT operations


SIEM content development

• Development, maintenance and continuous optimization of end-to-end SIEM use cases
• Development, maintenance and continuous optimization of other SIEM content
• Development, maintenance and continuous optimization of connections to external systems


SIEM platform operation

• Ensuring a smooth SIEM operation
• Permanent monitoring of the availability and utilization of all SIEM components
• Continuous updating of all SIEM components


Log source monitoring

• Ensuring the quality and availability of connected log data
• Permanent monitoring of the availability and quality of connected log data
• Implementation of the necessary updates if and when changes are made to log sources

With the SECUINFRA co-managed SIEM approach, all SIEM components and data always stay with you. The detection mechanisms (SIEM use cases) are also your intellectual property and belong to you. This means you can easily make adjustments to your SIEM operations at any time.
With SECUINFRA as your partner, you avoid dependencies and hidden costs!




Winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2021 & 2022 and awarded as best SIEM Consulting/ Service Company in Europe!
Publisher’s Choice Award in Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
Award as leading provider of SIEM consulting services in Germany 2020 & 2021
Since 2020, SECUINFRA has been one of Enterprise Security magazine’s top ten SIEM consulting/services companies in Europe!

SIEM Consulting references

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    Since 2010, we’ve focused on SIEM consulting and have managed to gain more SIEM consulting experience than any other company in Europe on 120+ client projects over some 31,000 days of SIEM consulting. Almost all clients were made aware of SECUINFRA through a referral and have went on to recommend us to others in turn.
    If you’re interested in our services, we’ll happily put you in touch with suitable reference clients.