Expanding our 24 x 7 Managed Cyber Defense Services!

Expanding our 24 x 7 Managed Cyber Defense Services!

As part of our 24×7 Managed Cyber Defense Services, we take over the detection, analysis and defense of cyber attacks on your company, around the clock. In addition to our long-established co-managed SIEM service, we now also guarantee 24×7 availability for the “Compromise Assessment” and DFIR (Digital Forensics & Incident Response) services.

In detail, our customers can choose from the following -proven and new- SECUINFRA services:

  • Co-Managed SIEM Service

As part of our Co-Managed SIEM Service, our 24×7 Security Monitoring offers more than just monitoring and forwarding SIEM messages. We perform sustained analysis, accurately qualify security incidents and provide you with suggestions for countermeasures based on our experience from more than 120 successful SIEM projects.

  • Compass Service

With our Compromise Assessment Service, we detect compromised IT systems, ideally before high damage has occurred. Based on the regular review of the system landscape by our cyber defense analysts (Continuous Compromise Assessment), the cyber resilience of your company is significantly increased.

  • DFIR Service

You have an IT security incident? We provide you with 24×7 efficient and targeted support in resolving cyber attacks and other IT security incidents. In doing so, we identify, secure, analyze and document digital evidence in a court-proof manner, support you in incident response and advise you on how to improve your cyber resilience.

Would you like to achieve proactive protection against cyber attacks by continuously monitoring and analyzing your security-related operations?

We would be happy to advise you on our comprehensive 24×7 Managed Cyber Defense Services! Contact us by email or by phone at: +49 30 5557021 11.

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