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Company-Event Niedernberg

What does the new guy actually do at our CDC all day? And how is our customers’ current use of forensics progressing? These and other questions were answered at our last company meeting in Niedernberg am See. We held it at one of the best conference hotels in Germany, where we were well looked after and made to feel completely comfortable.

As always, when a large group of us comes together for one of our company events, we started with an update from all areas. This doesn’t just focus on general topics like news from management and the individual teams, but also the technical developments that our cyber defense consultants are working on, such as a use case library.
The event, which was held on a Saturday, was all about fun, sport and recreation. After a substantial breakfast out on the idyllic lakeside terrace together with our families, things got sporty. We divided into four teams and competed in a lake rafting race. After a few test runs it was full steam ahead, always making sure to keep rhythm. If one person paddled out of rhythm, the boat went off course and valuable time was lost. It was neck and neck between two of the teams, who made it to the finish line in record time after almost 900 m of paddling. The winners’ prize ceremony was followed by a dip in the turquoise blue lake.
Later that evening, we enjoyed an exclusive barbecue out on the log cabin’s cozy terrace, where we restocked our energy levels with salads and tasty grilled dishes from lake and land. With cool drinks in hand, the summer night faded away while we engaged in inspiring conversations with colleagues who we’re not able to see every day.
Our next meeting will take place at the end of November and will be rounded off with our Christmas party.

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Thomas Bode is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. In addition to marketing-related tasks, Thomas is also responsible for SECUINFRA's social commitment.

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