Meeting of security experts in Las Vegas

Meeting of security experts in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, city of casinos, luxury hotels, mega shows – and meeting place for the IT security industry. Splunk.conf will take place again this year, offering the opportunity to exchange ideas with international experts on the latest trends and discuss current solutions to IT security problems. At its core is the Splunk platform, known for its powerful analysis and monitoring of IT infrastructures. Also attending Splunk.conf 2023: Alexander Dürr and Florian Schmid, the two Splunk specialists from SECUINFRA. For them, the annual meeting in the desert city is much more than an ordinary professional conference.

“We are very much looking forward to exchanging experiences with our colleagues from all over the world,” says Alexander Dürr. “Not only does this open up new vistas, but it also shows the innovative approaches being taken to cyber defense right now.” The conference will feature a variety of presentations, workshops and training sessions led by industry experts. In addition, promising approaches to improving IT security are presented on the basis of best-practice examples. “This international exchange of security experts is particularly important for us,” says Dürr. “It also gives us insight into the future development of the Splunk platform. This lets us know what new features and products are in the pipeline and how Splunk plans to impact the security landscape.”

This expert knowledge directly benefits all SECUINFRA customers, helping them to adjust their strategic planning in the area of IT security and prepare for upcoming challenges. Several thousand attendees are expected to attend the Splunk Conference, July 17-20, 2023, in Las Vegas. In addition to renowned speakers, there will be around 200 breakout sessions for enterprises, security administrators, app developers and Splunk architects.

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