SECUINFRA is among the top 10 MSSPs in the EU

German security specialist among the best managed security service providers

The Berlin-based cyberdefense company SECUINFRA GmbH is one of the ten best Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) in the European Union. This is shown by the CyberRisk Alliance’s (CRA) “Top 250 MSSPs” ranking for 2023. SECUINFRA is ranked 100th worldwide and tenth in the EU in the annual best-in-class list. The list of the top 250 MSSPs was announced during a live webcast in September. The ranking is based on MSSP Alerts’ seventh global survey of managed security service providers, conducted between April and August 2023. The evaluation was based on criteria such as revenue, profitability, business growth, number of cyber security employees, and managed security services offered. Added to this was editorial coverage from MSSP Alerts and industry awards from Gartner, Forrester, IDC and others.

A key finding of the survey is that the top 250 MSSPs continue to grow faster than the overall managed security market. Survey respondents expect 20 percent growth in 2023 compared to 2022. In 2022, this growth rate was as high as 26 percent. Despite this slowdown, growth is still very substantial. One reason is the ongoing threat environment from cyberattacks, including the rise of phishing and ransomware attacks against companies of all sizes. In addition, insurance companies are more often requiring their customers to use a certain level of cybersecurity services. Another trend is the increasingly close cooperation between managed service providers (MSPs) and MSSPs. According to the Cyber Risk Alliance, this trend could intensify in the future to the point where the boundaries between MSPs and MSSPs become more and more blurred.

Ramon Weil, Founder & CEO of SECUINFRA, can confirm this growing demand: “More and more customers are asking for managed security services because they can no longer provide these services on their own.” It’s obvious to him that you rely on established providers for this: “Since 2010, we’ve been helping companies detect and defend against cyberattacks before major damage occurs. So we have a lot of experience. With our ISO27001-certified Managed Detection and Response Services, we detect and analyze attacks on our customers’ IT systems around the clock, 365 days a year.” Weil is particularly pleased about SECUINFRA’s good ranking: “This is the first time we have been listed and we immediately landed among the top 10 in the EU. This makes us proud and, on the other hand, is an incentive to continue offering our customers such excellent IT security service.” “MSSP Alert and CyberRisk Alliance congratulate SECUINFRA on this award,” said Jessica C. Davis, editorial director of MSSP Alert, a medium of the CyberRisk Alliance. “The top 250 MSSPs continue to outperform the overall cybersecurity services market in 2023. This is a sign of the strength of the managed security services offered by these specialists at a time when cybercrime has increased and threatens businesses of all sizes and in all industries.”

About CyberRisk Alliance (CRA):

CyberRisk Alliance (CRA) is a business intelligence company that provides the rapidly growing and evolving cybersecurity community with a diversified portfolio of services designed to inform, educate, build community, and inspire an efficient market. The trusted information draws on a unique network of journalists, analysts and opinion leaders, policy makers as well as practitioners. CRA’s brands include SC Media, Security Weekly, ChannelE2E, MSSP Alert, InfoSec World, Identiverse, Cybersecurity Collaboration Forum, the CRA Business Intelligence research unit, the peer-to-peer CISO member network, Cybersecurity Collaborative, the Official Cyber Security Summit, TECHEXPO Top Secret and LaunchTech Communications.

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Thomas Bode is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. In addition to marketing-related tasks, Thomas is also responsible for SECUINFRA's social commitment.

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