SECUINFRA is now Elite Reseller Partner of Elastic!

In recognition of our excellent performance as a reseller partner, we have been awarded the highest possible Elastic Partner status as of May 1, 2022. Elastic’s software represents one of the key pillars of our customer SIEM projects to ensure the detection, analysis and mitigation of IT security threats – before major damage is done.

Compared to the previous Premier status, our cyber defense experts now have both dedicated access to Elastic’s technical resources and can also access improved terms and conditions that also benefit our customers.

“We are very proud of Elastic’s Elite Partner status precisely because Elastic is one of our key partners. We use Elastic with customers in a wide range of industries. The software is scalable “by design” and thus individually adaptable to the respective customer environments and their needs,” said Ramon Weil, Founder and CEO of SECUINFRA.

About Elastic

Elastic combines SIEM, endpoint security and cloud security in one solution. Traditionally coming from the search industry, Elastic software enables analytics of multiple years of data and is established at many well-known companies (e.g. Netflix, Uber). In addition to Elastic Enterprise Search and Elastic Observability, Elastic Security provides a SIEM solution to detect attacker behavior. In addition, Elastic Endpoint Security includes an integrated EDR solution to directly respond to attacks and initiate countermeasures (e.g., isolating hosts).

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