SECUINFRA supports brotZeit e.V.

No child should go to school hungry in the morning. Unfortunately, the reality is different: According to a study by Allensbach and the International Primary School Reading Survey (IGLU), around one in five children come to class hungry. For various reasons, caring for their children is obviously a major challenge for many parents. This may be due to socially or economically difficult family circumstances or excessive parenting demands. In order to change this untenable situation, the non-profit organization brotZeit e.V. was founded. Over 1,900 volunteer “breakfast seniors” provide the children with breakfast every school day before the start of lessons. The children are thus fit for the strenuous school day and can also learn successfully.

SECUINFRA will continue to support the brotZeit association with a monthly contribution. For Ramon Weil, Founder and CEO, this is a matter close to his heart: “It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach. To ensure that disadvantaged children have the same opportunities as others, the voluntary commitment of an association like brotZeit is very important. SECUINFRA takes its social responsibility for better coexistence very seriously. We will therefore support the association as a reliable partner in the long term.” Margarethe Schlemmer, Director of Finance, Human Resources and Funding Management at brotZeit e.V., is delighted with the new sponsor: “We would like to thank SECUINFRA for their commitment. Only if many people support our association and our cause can we help many children and ensure equal opportunities.” SECUINFRA is thus expanding its social commitment . The company has been supporting the Rüdersdorfer Ruderverein Kalkberge e. V. with monthly donations since 2014 and the Straßenkinder e. V. and Naturschutzjugend Brandenburg projects since 2020.

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Thomas Bode • Autor

Marketing Manager

Thomas Bode is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. In addition to marketing-related tasks, Thomas is also responsible for SECUINFRA's social commitment.

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