Successful business development: SECUINFRA remains on growth track!

SECUINFRA’s management looks back on a successful 2022 and has set new growth targets for 2023.

“We have invested enormously in the further development of the company in the past year. This mainly concerns areas that will contribute significantly to SECUINFRA’s continued success, such as the expansion of our 24/7 Managed Cyber Defense Services,” said Ramon Weil, CEO and Founder of SECUINFRA. The team is particularly proud of the fact that it was able to double the revenues of the Managed Security Services business unit again in this context.

More success stories from 2022:

  • In May, SECUINFRA received ISO 27001 certification, proving that it meets the expectations placed on it as a leading cyber defense company. It should be emphasized that not only individual services or the data center were certified, but the entire company.
  • The number of employees continues to grow. The HR team of SECUINFRA benefits from the fact that on average 100 applications are received per month. The record increase is held by the month of November, when seven new colleagues were hired for the Cyber Defence Service/Consulting teams.
  • Growing teams need space! The Berlin headquarters moved into a new office early last year, increasing its space sevenfold to 420m²!
  • As a scholarship provider and sponsor of the Deutschlandstipendium, SECUINFRA is committed to supporting young talents at the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB). The sponsorship package includes 2 Deutschlandstipendien. These were awarded in September to students of the Faculty of Computer Science with very good academic achievements and social commitment.
  • A 6-member SIEM expert team of SECUINFRA is in the final phase of its research project, which is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The research framework automates the testing of SIEM use cases so that they can be tested regularly and very efficiently by SECUINFRA after successful project completion.
  • Social commitment is still very important to SECUINFRA. Almost 0.5% of the turnover goes to support projects of, among others, Straßenkinder e.V. and NAJU Brandenburg. Its social responsibility would like to develop the team also in this year further.

With these positive developments and outlooks, the SECUINFRA team starts full of energy into the year 2023. We are looking forward to having you accompany us further on our way! 

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Svenja Koch is Senior Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. Here, she is responsible for the conception and publication of press articles, blog and news contributions, among other things.

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