What do I earn as a Cyber Defense Consultant? 8 FAQ about the job!

What do I earn as a Cyber Defense Consultant? 8 FAQ about the job!

The job as a Cyber Defense Consultant is one thing above all: varied! The responsibilities of a Cyber Defense Consultant range from developing detection logics for SIEM systems to coordinating countermeasures for IT security incidents and advising customers on strategic decisions. In addition to knowledge in the areas of IT security, IT operations, IP networks and common operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux), an analytical mindset, quick comprehension and the willingness to independently familiarize yourself with complex issues are therefore very important.

The job requirements are therefore complex – and correspondingly attractively remunerated. The exact income depends on your experience – the more experience you have, for example as an administrator or software developer in general IT, the higher your expected salary as a Cyber Defense Consultant.

Find out what gross annual salary you can expect as a Cyber Defense Consultant at SECUINFRA, as well as 7 more job facts here!

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