Working together towards greater cyber security

Every day brings news of increasing levels of cybercrime, from ransomware that encrypts the files on your hard drive to hacks involving millions of records. Cyber attacks dominate media coverage.

As a collaborative platform for industry, government, science and research, the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS) offers a broad range of information concerning IT security and the current threat situation. The aim of the ACS, which was founded in 2012, is to strengthen resistance to cyber attacks in Germany.
The initiative currently has more than 3,800 member companies and institutions, with more joining every day. They include IT consulting firms and manufacturers, as well as user companies of all sizes from across all industries. This diversity contributes to an extensive exchange of IT expertise and user experience, something that all involved benefit from.
SECUINFRA GmbH recently became a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security and is an active player within the initiative.

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Thomas Bode • Autor

Marketing Manager

Thomas Bode is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA. In addition to marketing-related tasks, Thomas is also responsible for SECUINFRA's social commitment.

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