Centralized Log Management

Introducing centralized log management saves you time and resources when it comes to analyzing distributed log data. By collaborating with SECUINFRA, you ensure that the right log data is loaded to the centralized log management system and is also available when needed.



SECUINFRA has focused on SIEM since 2010. Good centralized log management forms the foundation for SIEM. Our 30+ permanently employed SIEM specialists have already helped countless clients in more than 150 successfully implemented SIEM projects.

Data relevance

SECUINFRA helps you include the right data in your centralized log management system. This is the only way for you to track anomalies in your infrastructure and save costs by avoiding unnecessary data.


With our co-managed Centralized Log Management service, we ensure that your centralized log management system is always available. We also make sure that the system contains the data you need when you need it.

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