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The Federal Situation Report on Cybercrime for 2023 presented in May by Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser, BKA President Holger Münch and BSI President Claudia Plattner makes it clear that cybercrime continues to pose a significant threat to the economy and society. According to police statistics, foreign countries played a significant role in this, increasing by around 28 percent compared to the previous year. International criminal groups offer their criminal services on an industrial scale according to the “cybercrime as a service” business model.

Nevertheless, the Federal Criminal Police Office has succeeded in shutting down large darknet platforms and technical infrastructures for attacks. There has also been increasing success in the investigation of computer fraud. According to a nationwide analysis by the BKA and the state criminal investigation offices, more than 800 companies and institutions reported cases of ransomware last year, although a high number of unreported cases can be assumed. The Bitkom association puts the overall economic damage caused by cyber attacks at 148 billion euros for 2023.

According to the Federal Situation Report, cyber criminals once again used various methods last year, including phishing, unauthorized system access, DDoS campaigns against government websites and the extortionate encryption of company data using ransomware. “Just as we lock windows and doors when we leave the home or office, we can also protect ourselves in cyberspace,” warns BSI President Claudia Plattner. For companies, this means consistently implementing cyber security.

“The acute need for companies to take action is all the greater as attackers are using increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques, including artificial intelligence,” comments Ramon Weil, founder and CEO of Berlin-based cyber defense specialist SECUINFRA. To effectively counter the highly dynamic threat development, Weil recommends Managed Detection & Response Services (MDR) from specialized companies.

“In contrast to using security products that only trigger alarms that need to be followed up, MDR services providers offer a holistic approach to detect, analyze and defend against suspicious activity,” explains Weil. “With an experienced partner like SECUINFRA, companies can counter the growing threat situation effectively and cost-efficiently.”

The Federal Situation Report of the BKA: www.bka.de/BLBCybercrime2023

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