Job bike: A company bike for all employees

Good for the environment and good for your health: From now on, all permanent SECUINFRA employees have the opportunity to lease a company bike with tax incentives and a subsidy from their employer. The job bike – whether a classic bike or pedelec – can be used both privately and for commuting to work. SECUINFRA contributes up to 100 euros towards the monthly costs, regardless of career level. Even your partner can benefit from a company bike. If the budget is exceeded, an additional payment can be made via a tax-advantageous salary conversion. The offer is being implemented by Jobrad, the Freiburg-based specialist for company bike leasing, which won the German Sustainability Award 2024.

Jana Reimer, Finance & HR Manager at SECUINFRA, is enthusiastic about the new offer: “Cycling keeps you healthy and is fun. In addition, environmentally harmful emissions are reduced if you use your bike more often instead of your car. With the job bike, every employee now has the opportunity to easily get their own company bike.” Reimer is also pleased about the great flexibility, as every employee can choose their own personal bike, regardless of the model and brand. The HR specialist sees the subsidy from the employer as a further building block in addition to the many benefits at SECUINFRA: “Employee satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why, in addition to an excellent working atmosphere, we offer many benefits such as employer-paid Urban Sports memberships, excellent IT equipment and free premium medical check-ups. Now there’s also a bike or e-bike for everyone – that’s a fantastic offer that no one should miss out on.”

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Dorothea Olig is Marketing Manager at SECUINFRA and responsible for all marketing-related topics, both onsite and offsite.

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