Second Cyber Detection and Response Center Berlin

Zweites Cyber Detection & Response Center Berlin

24/7 Cyber Security für Unternehmen

SECUINFRA GmbH presents its Cyber Detection and Response Center (CDRC) in Berlin. This means that Germany’s leading provider in the field of cyber attack detection, analysis and defense operates a CDRC in Berlin in addition to its location in Frankfurt. This second location provides SECUINFRA with full redundancy for its highly specialized security services and can also protect even more companies from cyber attacks around the clock, further strengthening its leading position in the market.

The two Cyber Detection and Response Centers are a central component of SECUINFRA’s cyber security strategy. They are operated by trained experts who evaluate security-related events and alarms 24 hours a day and initiate the fastest possible defense measures. Through this continuous monitoring and immediate response, SECUINFRA ensures efficient detection, analysis and defense against cyber attacks for its customers. “The importance of a Cyber Detection and Response Center cannot be overemphasized,” says Ramon Weil, Founder & CEO of SECUINFRA. “At a time when cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, it is essential that companies have the right tools and expertise to defend themselves. Our CDRCs ensure that our customers have access to highly qualified experts at all times to ensure their security.”

Security around the clock

The two CDRCs in Berlin and Frankfurt offer numerous advantages for SECUINFRA’s customers, as they are often hardly in a position to operate such a center themselves – let alone one with a redundant design. After all, setting up your own CDRC is extremely time-consuming and costly. Apart from this, experienced cyber security experts are rare on the market, making it very difficult for many companies to attract qualified specialists. At SECUINFRA, on the other hand, this expertise is already available and customers benefit from a very fast implementation compared to setting it up themselves. At the same time, they can draw on the accumulated experience from many customer projects, which flows into the detection and analysis.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that SECUINFRA’s CDRCs offer a 24/7 service with 99.95% availability. This uninterrupted monitoring enables an immediate response to cyber attacks, regardless of the time of day. “Cyber attacks don’t know office hours,” explains Felix Gutjahr, Service Delivery Manager at SECUINFRA. “Fast reactions are therefore crucial in order to minimize the impact of cyber attacks. Time lost due to slow detection, analysis and defense against the attack can cause immense damage. Our 24/7 service ensures that our customers are protected in the best possible way.”

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