SECUINFRA at the DefCamp in Bucharest

Big meeting of cybersecurity experts in Eastern Europe: At this year’s DefCamp in Bucharest, everything revolved around the latest cyber threats and how to defend against them. Developers and specialists from all over the world took the opportunity at the 23. and November 24 for exchange and training. A total of 2,000 participants were on site in Romania this time and were able to listen to over 55 speakers on various red and blue teaming topics over two days, including incident management, vulnerability scanning, hardware and software pen testing, various SOC topics and excursions into post-quantum cryptography. Ubiquitous topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), particularly with regard to generative AI, and the increasing importance of the cloud were reflected in many of the presentations. There were also numerous hardware and software security challenges as part of the “Hacking Village” to put your own skills to the test. At the center of the challenges was the DefCamp Capture-The-Flag (D-CTF) final, in which the most successful of the more than 600 participating teams competed for victory.

Managing Cyber Defense Consultant Felix Kosterhon was in Bucharest for SECUINFRA. He was impressed by the high-caliber specialist presentations. For example, Wojciech Regula, who had already presented his research at Black Hat in Las Vegas, showed in his presentation “macOS Red Teaming” that the security of Macs deserves at least as much attention as the Windows infrastructure. In his presentation “Rough seas & ships in storms – A retrospective of 2023 from an MSSP perspective”, Ioan Constantin, cyber security expert at Orange, provided interesting insights into his experiences as an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). “In Europe, the EU’s NIS 2 Directive will also keep us very busy over the next few years,” Kosterhon is certain. “It is therefore important to address this issue at an early stage.”

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