Together for more security – Secuinfra sponsors the Elastic Roadshow in Berlin

Elastic Roadshow 2024

The increasing complexity of cyber threats was discussed intensively yesterday at the Willy Brandt House in Berlin. Brute force, Trojans, masquerading, token theft, protocol manipulation – the list is long and frightening. In the midst of these challenges, however, there is also an opportunity to strengthen our security teams and respond more quickly.

At yesterday’s Elastic Roadshow, Elastic demonstrated how organizations can better protect themselves from sophisticated attackers by increasing visibility, eliminating blind spots and responding faster. The event was a lively place for exchanging knowledge and inspiration. One highlight was the presentation by David Bischoff, Principal Cyber Defense Consultant at SECUINFRA GmbH, who presented MDR based on Elastic and Corelight.

It was discussed how Elastic Security can help detect, investigate and respond to threats before damage is done. Observability and the use of AI played a decisive role in this. In particular, Elastic’s AI assistant, which uses generative AI, was highlighted as a promising tool for optimizing workflows and responding more precisely.

Another highlight was the interactive workshop “Capture The Flag”, in which participants were able to use Elastic Security in practice to hunt for various threats together with other experts.

In addition to the technical content, the roadshow also provided an opportunity for practical discussions. They were able to share their successes, insights and upcoming projects with like-minded people. The event showed that a lively community is an excellent source of advice and new contacts.

Many thanks to all participants and speakers for a successful event!

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