SECUINFRA research: Deep Learning as an approach to network attack detection

In the field of cyber defense, the early detection of cyber attacks is becoming increasingly important. Digitalisation in industry is advancing at an increasing pace; people, machines and industrial processes are intelligently networked. More and more new, data-driven business models are emerging, which pose special challenges for IT security. Traditional security solutions have long been insufficient to effectively counter advanced attack techniques. Added to this is the unbroken threat posed by ransomware.

In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), research is therefore continuously being conducted into the extent to which this approach can be used to defend against cyber attacks. In order for AI solutions to acquire the ability to automatically recognise cyber attacks of different types, methods such as machine learning or deep learning are used.

The SECUINFRA Cyber Defense team of experts is also continuously researching in the field of artificial intelligence. Under what conditions can Deep Learning be used effectively and efficiently for cybersecurity purposes? Sven Nawrat, Cyber Defense Student at SECUINFRA, explores this question in our TechTalk contribution.

Dive into the world of artificial neural networks now and learn more about the current state of research here!

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