Many KRITIS companies face the challenge of meeting the requirements of the IT Security Act 2.0.
What exactly does Security-as-a-Service mean and which IT security services can actually be outsourced?
OT security - i.e. the protection of operational technology, production facilities, industrial plants or infrastructure facilities - is still in the shadows.
SOAR helps security analysts to focus on the important information and events and to avert potential IT security incidents in a targeted manner.
Endpoint Detection and Response solutions provide more comprehensive defenses than conventional antivirus software and can detect fileless attacks launched through legitimate Windows programs.
The key to early detection of complex threats is to recognize signs of attack from as many parts of the attack chain as possible.
A Co-Managed SIEM approach is suitable for companies that do not want to outsource all SIEM services, but only selected ones.
What is important when developing use cases? Our SIEM Experts team answers the 5 most frequently asked questions on this topic.  
Monitoring the network infrastructure is an important addition to existing monitoring measures. It complements the information provided by a SIEM system.
In the course of SIEM implementations, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to answer the question of which attack scenarios should be detected by the SIEM system and how these attack scenarios should be prioritized.
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